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She Is Deeper

Our ‘She is Deeper’ course can be used in small groups with youth groups, church groups or as one off events.  You can either purchase our bible study online for your own use or book an event with one of our Be Me Project leaders.
This nine week course is a discussion based bible study that introduces the Woman at the Well and Jesus in John Chapter 4.
The study gives the opportunity to explore our own identity and learn more about this woman’s life and explore the truth that Jesus has for her and what that means for us. 

Course Topics

  • Explore what God says about our identity

  • The truth of what Jesus spoke to the woman and her purpose

  • Through the course you will look at your own influences and life’s adversity

  • Looking at your own truth – understand more about your emotions, boundaries that need to be set,  masks that we can hide behind

  • Celebrate your purpose in life and God’s purpose for you 

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