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We provide two courses for young people aged 12 to 18 (Years 8 - 13)
We currently serve schools in: Surrey, Kent and Cumbria*


She Is (Girl Zone)

‘She Is’ is a secular course that consists of one hourly sessions over nine weeks. We work with schools to select the girls that would benefit the most. The course is aimed at Years 8 & 9 with six attendees and has embedded SMSC and British Values.

Course Topics
  • Recognise we each have a unique identity and learn how pressures and various influences can affect our identity
  • Discuss the four main emotions and learn tools to manage and avoid being overwhelmed
  • Learn about the masks we hide behind, recognise unhealthy labels and how to create healthy boundaries
  • Set personal goals and capture your identity and goals
Course Aims
  • Build confidence, self esteem and resilience
  • Be able to make better choices and learn to be responsible
  • Manage friendships better and emotional wellbeing
  • Be positive about the future 

Who Am I?
For all young people

This course has been designed to be used for one to one purposes or in a small group, running for six weeks.

We launched this course during the global pandemic as it can be run online as well as in person.

Course Topics
  • Look at your identity, skills and talents
  • Understand influences that can affect who you are
  • Learn tools to help you when you feel overwhelmed
  • Look at how your diet and exercise can impact your mental wellbeing
  • Recognise how communication can be key to your relationships
  • Be reminded of your positive qualities
Course Aims
  • Build confidence,  self esteem and resilience
  • Use tools that can help you when you feel overwhelmed
  • Set goals for a healthy lifestyle
  • Celebrate inner qualities

*Schools are located in:
Surrey: Dorking, Leatherhead, Reigate, Redhill
Kent: Tonbrige, Snodland, Malling
Cumbria: Ulverston, Coniston, Barrow in Furness

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