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We provide two courses for young people aged 12 to 18 (Years 8 - 13)
We currently serve schools in: Surrey, Kent and Cumbria*

Who Am I?
For all young people

This course has been designed to be used for one to one purposes or in a small group, running for seven weeks.

Course Topics

  • Look at your identity, skills and talents

  • Understand influences that can affect who you are

  • Learn tools to help you when you feel overwhelmed

  • Look at how your diet and exercise can impact your mental wellbeing

  • Recognise how communication can be key to your relationships

  • Be reminded of your positive qualities


Course Aims

  • Build confidence,  self esteem and resilience

  • Use tools that can help you when you feel overwhelmed

  • Set goals for a healthy lifestyle

  • Celebrate inner qualities

‘She Is’ consists of one hour sessions over nine weeks. We work with schools to select the girls who would benefit the most. The course is aimed at Years 8 & 9 with six attendees.

Course Topics

  • Recognise we each have a unique identity and learn how pressures and various influences can affect our identity

  • Discuss the four main emotions and learn tools to manage and avoid being overwhelmed

  • Learn about the masks we hide behind, recognise unhealthy labels and how to create healthy boundaries

  • Set personal goals and capture your identity and goals



Course Aims

  • Build confidence, self esteem and resilience

  • Be able to make better choices and learn to be responsible

  • Manage friendships better and emotional wellbeing

  • Be positive about the future 

She Is
For Girls

*Schools are located in:
Surrey: Dorking, Leatherhead, Bookham, Epsom, Banstead, Reigate, Redhill
Kent: Tonbrige, Snodland, Malling
Cumbria: Ulverston, Coniston, Barrow in Furness

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