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Looking at the Flowers

Our Mission

Be Me Project exists to give young people a better start in life. It is based on a theory of change; the outputs from our courses are improved self esteem and confidence, and greater positivity. As a result, young people  are able to better recognise and value their self worth, enjoy an improved educational experience, strengthen family/peer relationships, and ultimately they have a better start in life with improved resilience and mental wellbeing.

happy teenagers laughing

Our Values

  • Inspiring people to believe they have identity, truth and purpose

  • Respecting and accepting the unique worth and value of each individual

  • Encouraging and building up each person

  • Compassion and care

  • Being real 

How we came to be...

A few years back, Lu was teaching hairdressing in a further education college. She enjoyed her work, but noticed more and more that young people were coming into lessons accompanied by so many difficulties in their lives, needing a safe place to chat.  The seed was sown. 


Lu put down her scissors and binned the lesson plans. She started volunteering in a local secondary school as a Chaplain. On the very first day she met a youth leader, who had a similar passion: to give girls a safe place to talk and breathe.


At a conference they went to they heard a speaker talking on the Woman at the Well (John 4) and a particular word ‘Shechem’ struck a chord and has become foundational to all that Be Me project does.  

Be Me Project became a charity in 2017. It has grown a lot since those early days from just spending time with girls in one local secondary school.  We now deliver our mental wellbeing sessions to boys and girls in a number of secondary schools.


90% of our courses take place in schools but we also offer support to other charities in Surrey by offering course to ladies whom they are supporting.

The Be Me team is a faith driven community that strives to bring love to every person that they work with, giving them time and space to talk, and to help people be genuinely valued.

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