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Lucy, CEO & Founder


With the journey of life’s ups and downs, my heart is burdened to walk with those who struggle.  This is how the charity started in 2015, being open to listen to young people and encouraging them in their lives.  I can’t believe how it has grown and we have worked with so many girls and women and been privileged to listen to their stories through our courses. My hope is that Be Me can shine a light into the darkness and give hope.


Sue, Surrey (Leatherhead & Epsom) Hub Leader


I have spent my whole life listening and talking to people, either as a researcher or a charity volunteer. I have a passion to see people reach their full potential. I joined Be Me as a volunteer course assistant a few years ago as I could see the wonderful support our courses were giving to students in schools and the positive change it was making to young people’s lives. Since then the scope of Be Me has expanded and my involvement has increased.It is my hope that the number of courses we run and the types of people we support will continue to grow. 


Bridie, Senior Course Leader


I am mum to three amazing teenagers and wife to a very tall, wonderful hubby. I am South African born and bred, but very proudly British too. I am the hub leader in Kent.

We all have a story to tell, but with Be Me it's those stories that have shaped us, that enable us to really listen and empathise with the people that come on these courses. Listening in a loving, non judgemental way is key to building the trust of our attendees and the rewards are enormous. Seeing children visibly relax in our presence, seeing their confidence grow, seeing the truth sink in that they are worthy is priceless and a privilege to be a part of.

Laura 2023.jpg

Laura, Head of Operation and Development 


I am delighted to be Head of Operations and Development at Be Me. Having had a long career in business - working in marketing, strategy and consumer research - it is a privilege to bring the skills I have gained into an area close to my heart. My role is to support the growth of Be Me by ensuring it has strong foundations and can continue to safely and successfully expand its great work.  


Louise, Surrey (Dorking & Reigate) Hub Leader 


I joined the Be Me team back in 2017 as a volunteer and am now leading the courses. As a teen I struggled with low self esteem and depression and found life really hard so I can empathise with the girls and women we have worked with. From my own experience, getting the right support when you need it most is life-changing. My life turned around and I hope to help others now do the same; to enable them to see themselves in a more positive light and learn their worth; to show them that they are loved, build their confidence and provide the keys to handling their emotions in a healthy way.


Laura, Senior Course Leader


I am a British born Nottinghamshire lass who married a Zimbabwean. I have three wonderful kiddos and a crazy dog. I love working in Kent, we have fun but at the same time plant deep seeds of truth in each heart. It's such a privilege seeing the trust that is built over the courses we run and the sense of belonging nurtured. Ultimately, we all want to feel known, loved and listened to and Be Me offers that support. I just wish I had been on the courses when I was a teenager...


Caroline, Administration


I lead the head office administration, event organisation and I help run courses in schools.

It's loads of fun planning events and seeing everyone having a great time, understanding and helping our wonderful charity when they attend them.

I also get a kick out of helping with the cool merch!

Having faced mental health /wellbeing difficulties with close family and friends, I am passionate about working for Be Me Project, a charity that really cares and wants to help when others are facing the same.  


 Lisa, Cumbria Hub Leader


I am passionate about the wellbeing of young people and have loved walking alongside everyone who has been on the Be Me Project courses.

I love to support and listen to people and encourage them to aspire to be all they are called to be.

We have had some absolutely fantastic times on our courses and have met some amazing young people and I feel privileged to have played a small part in encouraging them and helping them discover the beauty and truth of who they are.

We have over 30 people working with us, here are a few faces and names

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