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Since our humble beginnings in 2015, Be Me Project has been dedicated to building positive mental wellbeing and supporting vulnerable individuals who are experiencing challenges including anxiety and low self-esteem. Our discussion-based courses have a positive impact, helping people build confidence and resilience, understand identity and self-worth, and discover their future potential. 

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Impact Report

Teenager with Mobile Phone

Year 9 Student, Surrey

“I started ‘She Is’ in 2019 and I really enjoyed it because each week was a different theme with a creative craft which was super fun and relaxing to do. It was also really chilled sharing thoughts and feelings in each of our lives, in a safe environment, to get stuff off my chest. I guess it made me think about how to deal with situations in life and feel a lot less stressed over them. I learnt all about me and that I’m worth just as much as anyone else. 

It was really nice to meet up online during Covid and do the ‘Who am I’ book because lockdown was a very uncertain time with an uphill battle, so just knowing someone understood my mind and could guide me through was a massive relief and began to change my outlook on life at the time.

One of the things I have learnt is that sometimes just being resilient is so important and not just giving up on the things I care about.

I’m so grateful to Be Me as I now feel so much more comfortable and confident as a person.”

Head of Year, Cumbria

“Be Me Project has worked with this cohort of young people to outstanding effect. We have seen an improvement in the attendance of these young people, an increase in their motivation in class and a reduction in friendship issues. The impact has been both measurable and qualitative; these young people are happier as a result of the work carried out by Lisa and Mel and as a result of the quality of the course content. It speaks to these young people about things which are important to them and challenges them to re-frame their thinking.  

As a school we are immensely grateful to have been part of ‘Be Me’. Lisa and Mel are kind and compassionate but prepared to challenge too. Their excellent inter-personal skills mean they establish a great rapport with young people and they get the best from them. 

I have no hesitation in recommending this programme to other schools. I am delighted to have hosted some of the first programmes in the North of England.”

Teenage Students
Teenagers on Mobile phone

Head Teacher, Kent

“Our school has had to reduce its support for students year on year to increasingly harsh budgets and this project was a lifeline for some our young people.”

Pastoral Lead, Surrey

“Staff in our school have noted a really positive change in the girls. They have grown in confidence, attendance has improved and relationships have been more positive.  It is very important this valuable work is able to continue.”

Teacher and Student
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