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Spring is almost here...

We’re not sure if you feel like we do… but with winter being so cold, dark and wet it can be hard to stay upbeat and motivated. But as soon as the spring flowers start coming up from the ground, we start to feel happier and more ALIVE.

February Top Tip

This #bemetoptip was sent out to all our schools to share with families over the half term holiday, as well as posted on ourInstagramaccount:

Did you know that when you complete a task or project, your brain releases dopamine? This 'reward hormone' makes us feel really good and happy. We all need some of that!

We always love working within schools and feel so privileged to give young people the time and space to talk within our courses. With social media so prevalent, there are so many voices for young people to listen to, it can be hard for them to know what to believe or if someone has a hidden agenda. It's easy to get stuck in an 'echo chamber' of opinions. We feel honoured to bring them some balance and different ways of thinking about things. This is what a couple of Year 9 students told us about our courses:

“I liked the fact that we talked about things, so I knew that other people felt the same way as I do." “You are able to find your true self and remember who you are."

Our Work in the Community

This term we have been working in the Leatherhead Community Hub running our ladies' group, which has been fantastic!

We also ran a workshop with some young people from the YMCA, focusing on what they are good at in life.

Social Media

Our social media is growing and we would LOVE for you to be a part of it! It’s a great way to keep up with us and have some positivity woven into your feeds. We have a new team bringing energy and wisdom to our social channels and we are excited to see how Be Me's online presence is going to develop!

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Look out for an email coming your way next week as we launch an exciting month in the Be Me calendar and learn how you can get involved!

Thank you for all the support you give us.

With love,

Lu & the Be Me Team x

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